Learn How to Effectively Help or Practice Speech With Kids

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Here's some research proof for the benefits for regular practice...
"Even briefly practicing a new skill, such as speaking can increase your motor cortex grey matter volume. Practice and play are most certainly good for the brain."
-Bogdan Draganski et. al. (January 2004) "Neuroplasticity: Changes in grey matter induced by training." Nature: International Journal of Science

My Son Loved these Speech Videos!
"My son said, "Can we do another Miss Keri video?" His big brother watched it too. These videos are a great way for us to practice speech."
-Leanne Brinkworth, parent

Keri was Approachable and Easy to Speak with about my Daughter's Needs
Keri always gave helpful suggestions and provided advice or examples to make me feel as ease as a parent, and like I was able to work with my child on the ideas that she gave me at home as well.
-Anna Braun, Parent