Speech Therapy Practice with Kids: Communication Turns are Key for Success

Here’s a Secret…
Developing a strong communication connection with your child begins by learning how to talk with your preschool-age child. If you want kids to progress faster with their speech, language and communication skills; give them lots of opportunities to take uninterrupted, back-and-forth communication turns with you. I like to call this a “chit-chat duet”.

What are five key steps for engaging in a “chit-chat duet” with a child?
First, Get face-to-face.
–Using friendly eye contact lets a child know when you are listening and when it’s their “chit-chat turn”.

Second, use expectant waiting as a cue to entice your child to take their turn.
-Light up with your eyes and face after their duet and lean forward.

Third, balance your “chit-chat” turns.
-You match how much your child says for his/her turns with how much you say.
Here’s an example, If your child says “Falling down” then you might say “I’ll help” instead of “I can help save you.” Children get a better model when your talking turns are the same length.

Fourth, listen to each other.
-Use a fun rule during play to help with listening.
One person talks and plays with a toy(s) while the other person stops moving, listens and watches. This is POWERFUL and how you’ll learn so much about each other!

  • This stop-watch and listen strategy helps you decide how best to respond, to return your child’s duet and serve up a similar talking turn model that your child could respond to.

Fifth, model fun comments about a child’s appearance or actions.
– Kids thrive when someone talks about what they are doing or something interesting that they have. It’s easier for kids to talk about themselves, including what they are doing or wearing, for example.

When you love joining in for a “chit-chat duet” with your child so much, the experience shall gradually become a Communication Party!

I’ll also be sharing a 2-and-a-half-page handout of these expanded 5 steps for a communication duet with kids with my email community. These are parents who want to learn how to successfully help or practice speech, so it’s effective, fun & easier to do.
Click on this link http://myspeechparty.com/effective-speech-practice/ and look for your invitation to join us. Plus, you’ll also receive a useful handout.

Thanks so much for listening and reading!