Speech Therapy Practice Fun and Ease

Imagine if speech practice was fun for your child and easier to do together.

When you learn effective ways to practice speech with your child; practice will be fun and easier to do. Here’s the Best part… Your child will then ACCELERATE their speech therapy progress!

I’m inviting you to a Complimentary Communication Party where you and I shall each have a small role to help your child practice speech, effectively.
Here are your Party Prizes:

  • A 3-page Handout describing 5 Top Tips for adding Fun and Ease to Communication Turns with your child.
  • A 10-minute Interactive Video where I’ll role-play being your child’s speech practice partner while you both join in and practice using 1, 2 or all 5 top tips together.
  • A 1-page Speech Coloring Activity for even more practice fun. You and your child can take communication turns about the speech video.

Click on this link: http://myspeechparty.com/effective-speech-practice/ and Look for your Communication Party Invitation. Add your email so you and I can join in for Speech FUN with your child!

Your take-away gift is ACCELERATING your Child’s Speech Progress.

Thank you for reading!!