Phonics Tips for Multi-syllable Words using Rhythm and Word Stress

Hello; I’m Keri Vandongen aka “Speech” Keri. I’m really glad you found my video and are reading this! On this video, your child repeats multi-syllable words, as in res-cu-er with a silly story. I’ve included a xylophone to help with adding rhythm. Adding rhythm or word stress is important so your child’s multi-syllable words sound less monotone.

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Here are the some of the multi-syllable words that your child shall repeat in this video. The part of each word that receives greater stress is highlighted.


It can be easier for some kids to “backwards chain” multi-syllable words. Break up these words, beginning from the end of a multi-part word, and gradually add on each part or syllable. Try this longer word with your child for xy-lo-phone,

First, say “phone”
Then, “lo-phone”
Finally, all together for “xy-lo-phone”

Thank you for letting your child talk, laugh and play while we practiced saying longer multi-part or multi-syllable words.

I look forward to finding out what sounds or speech skills would help your child for future videos in the comments.

“Speech” Keri