Materials for Speech Practice

Hey Parents,
Here are some materials that are great to have ready before you help or practice speech with your child:

  • A toy or pretend mic– Using a mic becomes a visual cue to let your child know that it’s their turn to talk.
  • Picture cards, a page of pictures, a picture scene or objects that go with your child’s sound or “speech target” (A “speech target” is whatever speech-language skill that your child can correctly say or use some of the time)

Extra tips… It’s fine to have your child say just 1 or a few pictures or objects repeatedly for their speech turns.
Your child could also name actions, i.e. “look” or “I like…” for their speech turns.

Because daily speech practice – Yikes! can be frustrating and time-consuming to do, I’ve put together 10 questions and answers so your practice efforts shall be successful.

Ready to learn the best ways to help or practice speech with your child?