How to Engage with Your Child so He/ She will have Fun Practicing Speech with You

You pull out your child’s favorite games and toys or get them doing an activity that they love, and you offer your child the most motivating reward ever; – but they still don’t want to practice or they’ll only say their speech target that they are working on a couple of times.

Does this ever happen to you?

You could be missing a key step that SLPs do before every speech-language session and activity – get Engaged with your child.

Engagement. Hmmm… how best to describe this? It’s when you are tuned into your child so well that they are connected with you and the best part – your child will then want to interact, play and talk with you. Now your ready to begin speech practice.

Because kids have different personalities and even daily moods, it’s helpful to know a variety of ways to try engaging with your child. In the related video to this blog, I demonstrate 6 different ways that you could use to entice your child to engage with you. Choose one or two approaches that you think would suit your child – and start with this approach.

For engagement to work with your child, keep these 2 tips in mind.

First, you need to get Confident. Confident that you are or can become “super fun mom” or “cool practice buddy”. Why the confidence? You need confidence in yourself and your belief that your child will want to practice with you.

Second, your Feeling that you want to have fun and practice with your child must be Genuine. Kids pick up on our feelings. Motivate yourself by having a few sips of coffee or crank up a song you love or find an activity to do with your child that you also love doing, for example.

You can watch the video to see 6 examples of possible ways that you could engage with your child.

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