Balls and Other Sports Toys

Balls and Other Sports Toys It’s easy to think of practice ideas and to motivate kids to practice speech while they are engaging in an exciting sport game.

  • sportstoysSet-up phase: As you collect the sports toys and equipment, your child names these objects or sport actions that have your child’s sounds, i.e. “stick, score,slide, spin”. You can also give a clue for these items or actions for your child to guess, i.e. “What do you make through a hoop? = basket”
  • Activity Phase: Bowl, toss, throw or roll a ball or shoot a puck at a target before naming objects or actions with sound targets, i.e. “look, lucky, no luck, like it”.
  • Wrap-up Phase: Clean up the sports items together and talk about the activity using words with the sound target, i.e. “close”, “miss”, “toss”, “oops”, “yes”, “nice”.

expandyourfun 300x258 Expand your fun by dressing up in clothes or accessories for a sport and describing the powers of your clothes!