4 Best Ways to Motivate Kids for Speech Fun

Welcome to my Speech Party Blog and I’m thrilled that you’ve found it!

To make it easier for you to find speech-language or communication fun or a helpful tip, below are 4 fun blog categories, along with a quick description…

(Secret phrase = effective speech practice)

videosTLP Dign Discover Treasure 125x1251. Speech-Language Videos

a) Interactive Speech Practice Videos

These are 5 to 10-minute interactive videos. Kids take their communication turns while practicing speech-language skills while having fun with “Speech” Keri. A parent plays a helpful role by engaging with their child to take their speech-language turns and providing helpful cues.

b) Speech-Language Tips Videos

These videos have tips that help with speech practice.

parents and child with laptop 125x125 2. Communication Success Story Blogs

I share communication success stories based on real speech-language experiences with kids. The speech-language tips and tricks in these story blogs shall boost your motivation as you learn how rewarding it is to try these speech-language and communication “take-aways”.

iStock 000022105432Small 125x125 3) Popular and Classical Toys Plus Speech-Language Tips

You shall enjoy adding fun using play-based speech-language tips to your practice with toys.

girl and dad blowing bubbles 125x1254) Motivating Speech-Language Activities

You and your child shall have loads of fun with various speech-language activities that take only 10 minutes to do!

I look forward to your requests and suggestions in the comments for more speech-language fun!


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