Rhyming Fun with Elf on the Shelf! Holiday Toy!

Want fun ways to encourage your child to take talking turns and work on improving their speech-language skills? Here’s how to combine humour and rhyming fun with a popular toy loved by kids’, “Elf on the Shelf”.

Add humor while making up funny rhymes using the “Elf on the Shelf” toy, like these…

  1. Where could he be? -Count to 3 and look in a tree.
  2. I see a lump, I feel a bump… He’s under a hat with a cat.
  3. Look over there… Under a chair, with a bear.
  4. Don’t beep or make a peep as Elf is fast asleep.
  5. I think Elf needs a drink from the sink.
  6. Elf is all by himself up on a shelf.

Expand your fun by having your child describe what’s funny about each location for Elf.
Also, add a sound object or picture that your child can name with Elf, i.e. /k/ sounds for candy cane or /s/ sound for santa.

Let me know what speech sounds and topics you’d like to see featured in future videos by entering your ideas in the comments section below.