Phonics Music Game for Kids: Multi-syllable Word Fun

***Helpful speech practice tips and activity ideas are included below…

Hello; I’m Keri Vandongen aka “Speech” Keri. I’m really glad you’re watching my video and are reading this! On this video, your child plays a “repeat after me” game while we practice saying multi-syllable words, as in in-stru-ment. I’ve included instruments to help with adding rhythm. Adding rhythm or word stress is important so your child’s multi-syllable words sound less monotone.

Here are the instruments that your child shall repeat in this video. The part of each word that receives greater stress is highlighted.


As a fun activity and to help your child with adding rhythm, have your child either clap or tap along while he/ she separates each multi-syllable word. Play an instrument and match each beat to a word part or syllable.

It can be easier for some kids to “backwards chain” multi-syllable words. Break up these words, beginning from the end of a multi-part word, and gradually add on each part or syllable. Try these 3 longer words with your child…

1) For tam-bou-rine:
First, say the ending, rine
Then, bou-rine
Finally, all together for tam-bou-rine

2) Now, for the longer word, har-mon-i-ca:
First, say the ending, ca
Then, i-ca
Next, mon-i-ca
Finally, all together for har-mon-i-ca

3) For some words, it’s easier to start from the beginning, as in “jingle bells”.
Jing (mic out)
Jing-gle (mic out)
Jing-gle-bells (mic out)

Thank you for letting your child talk, laugh and play while we practiced saying multi-syllable words.

I look forward to finding out what sounds or speech skills would help your child for future videos in the comments.

“Speech” Keri