Humourous First Encounter with a Speech Therapist

Do you know that deciding to refer a child for speech therapy could be one of the Bravest decisions that you make or that you help someone else make? Hello:) –It’s Keri here from Speech Party and I’m thrilled that you’ve found my video!

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Pssst… Are you or someone you know going to be meeting a speech therapist for your child for the first time and you’re not sure about what to expect?

I hope you’ll share my video with my 3 Secret tips to sneak FUN into that first encounter with a speech therapist….

Quick Intro… I’m Keri with where I help parents put fun and ease into speech practice.

Before we get to exciting times with speech practice, you need to know these 3 Secrets….

First, we are speech therapists for a reason. We LOVE to talk.
Second, we have Magical powers for finding toys, games and activities that even your child will love.
Third, we will bombard you with questions about your child’s life history.
Come prepared. We want to know at least 3 things your child likes or is good at.

Seriously, it’s not all about speech problems and what’s slowly developing. We love focusing on your child’s strengths and celebrating their successes.
I can’t wait for you and your child to meet another speech therapist clone as we’re a lot alike and loads of FUN!!

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Thanks so much sharing a laugh with me!