Holiday Tree Calendar Game! Super Fun Speech Language Turn-Taking for Kids

I hope you enjoy watching the Holiday Tree Calendar Game! It’s a 8-minute lively and interactive, educational show with our speech-language pathologist from Kids play a holiday calendar game while practicing their speech targets.

Speech targets are whatever speech or language skill a child can improve with practice.
A Speech target could be a multi-part word, like “snow-man” or “or-na-ment” or adding a final consonant, like “shake” or “dice” or an /s/ blend word, like “snowman” or “stocking”.

Parents & educators will learn basic, key communication techniques for convenient speech practice with children. You’ll also discover fun and easy take-aways to boost children’s skills to put them on the path to become better readers!

What You’ll Need: Have pictures, objects or toys to go with your child’s speech targets nearby.

  1. Find or make picture cards or a whole page of pictures for a speech sound, i.e. /s/ sound pictures
  2. Look for objects with a target sound, i.e. shampoo, flashlight and brush = /sh/ sound objects
  3. Toys can be used for actions to say as speech targets, i.e. say “spin” using a toy spinner

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Collaborating together for Kids’ speech and communication success,
Keri Vandongen, R.SLP with