Your Child Benefits when You Join In and Take Communication Turns (you’ll love this!)

me with monkey puppetConfession.

Last week, I drove 4 hours to hear a presentation about an ambitious Brain Research project that began in Alberta. (I love stuff like this – it appeals to my nerdy side!)

As featured in Apple Magazine, the Norlien Foundation spent over 3 years compiling and publishing research findings about early brain development from top researchers, scientists and experts from Alberta, all over the USA and internationally. This presentation was thrilling! I was doing a happy dance in my seat!

Here’s why…

I saw similarities between the findings of these brilliant specialists and the benefits of Communication Interactions between you and your child!

Imagine my excitement when I read… “A critical component for the early experiences which build kids’ brains are “serve and return” communication interactions that children have with caregivers.”

I continued reading…

SERVE and RETURN occurs when a parent or caregiver is responsive to a child’s verbal cues and actions.”

Wow! This was my “aha” moment!!! As a registered speech-language therapist, I’ve been doing this instinctively with my kids for 20 years. It’s also why I’m so passionate about creating

I kept reading the printed materials and the website articles…

Now there’s cutting edge brain research, which validates that communication interactions are beneficial for your child. (and in sooooo many ways!)

How can you use communication interactions with your child?

As a speech therapist, I work hard to maximize how many communication turns kids take during my sessions. (This is what makes it so fun for them!)

-This is the reason why your child needs you to be part of their speech-language practice. You have an interactive role to encourage your child to practice and
to provide cues to help him/her take their communication turns or say their “speech targets”.

How will you entice your child to take more back-and-forth communication interactions with you?

To your Success with Creating Speech-Language Fun for Kids,
“Speech” Keri

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