Why is the Role of a Parent or Caregiver Joining In Essential?

iStock 000025586597SmallI’ve always been a Huge supporter for including parents and all significant others in a child’s therapy sessions –I even named my company “Speech Party” because when adults join in our communication interactions, it becomes a Party which is always more FUN for a child and even for adults, too.

I was beaming inside as I read a research statement that I’d like to share with you… “Children learn best when an attentive adult is engaged with them in the learning process.”

My “Aha” moment! – I could have kept reading all night long… This research also validates that adults need to be included too for kids to learn best. -Maybe it was the green tea, but I was buzzing….

A Party Sounds Fun!
-You’re probably wondering how you can join in and have a communication party with your child.

What’s the Best way to Start this Communication Party?

  1. Get face-to-face!
    –Using friendly eye contact lets your child know when You are listening and…
    when it’s Your Child’s talking turn
    • If eye contact is hard for your child…use touch to communicate listening & turns
  2. One person talks and plays with a toy(s) while the other person listens and watches –> Hands FREE!…
    This is POWERFUL! You learn so much about each other when you Stop moving– Watch – and Listen.
    • Both turns should be QUICK to reduce waiting!
  3. Model FUN, Supportive Responsesthat your child might say during play.
    • Try these… “Wow”, “Nice one”, “Good for you”, “I like…”, “Too bad”, “That’s silly”, “You’re lucky”.

I’m excited for you to experience JOY when you join in for communication turns with your child. Hmm…Think of the Fun, the Games you could play together, the Laughter you’ll share –
You’re child will love when you start a Communication Party!

How will you join and have a Communication Party with your child?

To your Success with Creating Speech-Language Fun for Kids,
“Speech” Keri

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