What about making a difference for kids with speech-language needs?

make a difference FBEver had one of those days when you’re past the point of exhaustion and everything turns into BLAH!?
That’s exactly how my day was… Nothing would shake that bowl of bran flakes BLAH feeling.
Until something SURPRISING… I came across a Facebook post about a teacher who’s uplifting the lives of his students.

Quick summary:
Mr. Chris is the special education teacher who has been praising his students’ successes every morning as an extraordinary way to start every day! There are NO words to praise what this man has done for his pure students and their families.

Reading Chris’ “Open letter to the world” buried inside one of his Facebook posts was my aha moment!…

One person can make a difference by leading with a simple idea, taking small action steps and collaborating to help others.

I related to the words that Chris was feeling too, “I reached a boiling point. I have students with a variety of conditions but they all share one common element; they are pure. They represent love and everything that is right in this world. But yet, it seemed as if 99% of society could not see this.”

  • Why is it that society doesn’t respect how hard kids fight to speak clearly by listening and appreciating their efforts?
  • Do they think kids don’t notice and hurt when other kids walk away from their garbled speech invites to play?
  • How can funding for public services be increased so parents don’t need to worry about paying for private services or begging for insurance coverage?

Supported by the students’ parents and school administrators, Chris started a class blog, Special Books by Special Kids.. The students are turning their blogging talents into their own chapters in a book that Chris is working on so others can learn from his students. The parents are also contributing authentic stories conveying the highs and lows of raising their unique kids.

Chris’ vision is to spread love, empathy and acceptance for individuals who have special needs. In his words, “There is no right way of doing things.”
Chris’ plea is to make his vision spread around the world.

Sure, one person often starts a trend.
You know what makes a trend go viral and better yet, grow into a lasting change?
When others keep the vision behind the trend going.

Remember my aha moment?
It’s inspired me to think of a brilliant simple idea that parents and kids would benefit from.

Chris’ vision will do wonders for raising awareness for kids with special needs.

What about making a difference for kids with speech-language needs?

Sure, these could be the same kids. Speech therapy may not be available, an option or enough for these kids to carryover speech and communication progress to their homes.

Let’s begin with your WHY!

What’s your WHY for helping your child’s speech and talking?

  1. So your child can be the star of a “brag moment” speech success story.
  2. To reduce your child’s frustration with not being understood.
  3. So your child can be understood by classmates & friends, AND more likely to receive priceless invites for playdates and birthday parties.
  4. To clear up your child’s speech and prepare him/her to become a stronger reader.
  5. All of the above.
  6. Another personal reason.