The story of my dream to become a compassionate “speech practice coach and cheerleader”

HELP – I was the one who could not break my arrow!!

Picture this is your mind…

I’m surrounded by a large group of supportive people who were all sending me their positive vibes and verbal encouragement during a mental training exercise. However- I could not physically break my arrow that was leading the way to my visualized “Dream Goal” target.

The Fear of Failure for not reaching my dream is something I struggle with.

–Instead of panicking – I calmly thought about how many kids who cannot say their message might feel.

This extreme mental exercise reminded me of the multitude of near death experiences that I’ve had during my lifetime. Some of these experiences required a miracle or “divine intervention” to survive.

I truly believe that I was “saved” for a purpose. My life motto has become…

“What if how you impact others everyday through your communication- the words you speak or write plus your non-verbal messages – determined your destiny??

It’s much easier to teach a child to communicate with kindness, consideration and as clearly as he/she possibly can. Thus, I embark upon my dream…

To create “Speech Party” as a way to become a compassionate coach and cheerleader for many children who deserve fun and encouraging ways to practice their speech, along with supporting their devoted parents and significant others with practice tips & tricks.

Has fulfilling my dream been easy? – NO, it’s been filled with challenges.

While overcoming these challenges -I’m inspired by 2 incredibly grateful sources…

  • My “Guardian Angel” grandmother who did not have the opportunities that I currently have to reach her own dreams.
  • The reward from enticing parents to spend time joining in and practicing speech-language skills with a child(ren). Practice is KEY for shaping kids’ communication success and helping them have a positive impact on others’ lives.