The gift that would benefit your child, your relative and you, too

You don’t want to miss out on any festive activities and family traditions. Getting to do these with your family is how you get through the dark days of winter – by savoring holiday memories with your family.
If you’re swamped or feeling overwhelmed, then I’m not helping by giving you practice ideas, aka more things to do. (Not one more to do, Keri)

I’ve come up with one of my brilliant ideas that will benefit your child, you and a dear relative. (win-win, huh?)
You may have read about my previous suggestion to come up with members for your “Speech Practice Team”.

How could you recruit a team member?
Let’s start with ideas in a SAMPLE letter to a dear relative who could be a star member on your team. Think of a relative who enjoys giving your child gifts.
Scroll to the end of the letter for a power point version, that you can personalize. (Change the highlighted words to personalize it for your child and relative.)

Dear Relative,koala

It’s better to give before making a request.
My child would like to give you some of his/her time. His/her time is the greatest gift that he/she can give you.

He/she can spend time with you in person and/or chatting over Skype / FaceTime.
My child has a dream to learn to speak clearly and easily.

Your gift of sharing your precious time would help my child achieve his/her dream sooner.

To help you think about these possible gifts, I’ve included some info below.

1. My child is working on…
(Include one of your child’s current speech-language goals.)

2. Here are some helpful cues……
(Include strategies or ways to help your child with their current goal.)

3. My child thrives when he/she is praised for his/her efforts and success.
Here are some praise examples…

4. You and my child would take turns talking about one of his/her toys or games.

  • You would model or cue for my child as you talk about the toy or play a game.
  • My child would say his/her speech-language goal, 1 to 5 times for his/her turns.
  • Then he/she would earn something fun to do with his/her toy or game.
Thank you kindly for considering this request,duck
Your signature

Okay, what do you think of this idea?

Link to the template (PDF version) : letter

Link to the template (Word version): letter