“Serve and Return” is key for Speech Practice

keri blueShirtIt felt like a dream where someone had handed me a research gift – Even speech practice was mentioned!

Think of your child as you read this…
“By providing positive feedback via eye contact, sounds, words, and physical “serve and return” interactions, the adult helps spark the child’s interest and enthusiasm in practicing things like speech, language and social learning.
When a child’s caregiver is unable to provide these experiences, some brain structures may not form, as they should.”

Of course, I thought of you when I read that quote. – Get ready to visualize a fun memory…
Close your eyes and picture taking turns going back & forth with your child on a seesaw.
(I know finding a real seesaw nowadays is rare – Think back to your childhood.)
Your turns need to be balanced for the seesaw to work – up & down. –Guess What?

Balanced Back & Forth Turns with your child works for Communication Interactions, too!

You Match how much your child says in his/her Turns with how much you say.
Here’s an example… If your child says “Falling down” then you might say “I’ll help” instead of “I can help save you.”
(This turn would be too long – your child gets a better model when your talking turns are the same length.)

Does your child dread practicing their speech-language skills? (Be honest!)
The research shows that speech-language practice is important for your child’s brain development. – This practice is SO important for your child!

We need to bridge the gap between what we’ve learned in this research to applying what we can do together for your child’s brain development.

A Big Take-Away from this brain research for You and Your Child is…
Your child will be more interested and enthused to practice their speech-language when you…

  • Light up with your eyes and face after his/her turns
  • Give out loads of positive praise – You’re awesome! – Good one! – Super! – I knew you could do it!
  • Respond, to Return your child’s turns and Serve up another similar model your child could say

This is why I’m always so Tuned Into my “speech kids” and Enthusiastic when I respond to their turns.
Kids thrive when they receive our positive feedback – especially from you!
When your child thrives with interest and enthusiasm from you – he/ she will enjoy speech-language practice with you.

Here’s your Take-Away…
Tune into your child and show your enthusiasm as you respond to your child’s turns and serve up your turns.

To your Success with Creating Speech-Language Fun for Kids,
“Speech” Keri

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