Puppet Talk: How To Use Puppets For Speech Practice

Jake’s mom was frustrated. She looked at me and shook her head.

She said…

“Keri – I need help. Jake doesn’t like practicing speech at home.

He says he’s tired of naming picture cards, even when we take turns playing board games. Jake likes finding the /s/ objects that I hide but he doesn’t want to say what they are. He gets upset and tunes me out when I correct him.”

I gave Jake’s mom a big grin. “Don’t worry about this – I have the solution. We’re going to bring in the Puppet Rescue Team!”

3 Cool Reasons To Use Puppets to Enhance Speech Practice (Kids Love It!)

I love using puppets with kids – they are an excellent tool for speech-language practice!

  • Puppets motivate children to participate in speech-language turns. You’re no longer the “tough” parent. When a puppet talks…kids listen.
  • Puppets are affordable and easy to make. You can turn a stuffed animal, sock or brown paper bag into a puppet with a little creativity.
  • Puppets are versatile. Puppets can play, model speech, get kids’ face-to-face attention, take turns, listen well, give feedback and offer tons of praise.

Here’s what I showed Jake’s mom:feedingpuppets 300x300

  • What’s more fun than feeding puppets? Not much…and kids will agree. It’s easy!
  • Let the puppet “eat” picture cards or objects after completion of a turn. (Add chomping, crunching, and lip smacking sounds.)
  • For more fun…Use the puppet to move game board pieces, roll dice, or spin a spinner.

Two weeks later, Jake’s mom dashed up to me and said “ Keri – I’m using a sock puppet the way you showed me and OMG – Jake loves it!” He keeps asking to feed the puppet and teach it his sound words. I’m so happy!”

How will you use puppets when your child needs a fun boost to speech-language practice? Share your puppet success and send me a reply at Keri@myspeechparty.com

To your Success with Creating Speech-Language Fun for Kids,

“Speech” Keri