Motivating Kids to Practice Speech is Easier with a Replacement Elf

Elf with Easy buttonThe challenge for you to LOVE this new & improved Elf is on!
His creepy pain-in-the-butt Pinterest loving cousin needs a replacement:(
What if getting your kids to practice speech AND do what you want was as easy as pushing an “easy” button?
….. Bring on the power of Elf!

Elf hiding in a treeI’ll admit it. The games my “speech kids” love are no longer my favorites. But we play them anyway.
Our first challenge is a better name for Elf.
Elf’s name is one that has your child’s current speech target.
You: Hide Elf
Your child: Calls Elf by its name, i.e. Here LUCKY!
What’s the longest your child has taken to find Elf?

Elf sleeping with santaWho came up with the “No touching Elf” rule?
CRAZY nonsense!
It’s fine for everyone to hold, squeeze, hug, mangle,…
this new & improved Elf.
Set boundaries first.
Think of the fun your child can have hiding Elf in funny places.
You both call his speech target name. Your child gives you clues.
Where has your child hidden Elf?

Elf with advent calendarFor those brief times when you really want your child to attend and listen, try this…
“Elf is the eyes and ears of Santa. He watches how well you listen / sit at the table / do this…”
Keep Elf within your child’s sight.
How long does this work for your child?

Elf hiding under a santa hatHmmm… What if you could safely occupy your child while you completed a holiday task and practice speech?
You: Hide Elf in tricky places where you can watch your child.
Your child: Calls Elf using a name with their speech target.
Then hides Elf for you to hide.
You: Count to 100 before you go find Elf.
How long will your child play “hide and seek Elf?”

Elf listening to booksOh the power of what your child will do for a toy he/she loves. Want your child to practice reading aloud or just to spend more time with books?
Say “Elf loves to hear stories. Chose a book to read to Elf.”
Did I mention Santa brownie points?
How did it go?

fox in the boxI’m laughing as I think about how hard kids will work to find missing Elf.
Come up with speech activities for your child to do before they find Elf. *A prized, simple reward!
My speech kids finish rhyming chants and take talking turns using their speech targets.
What will your child do to earn Elf’s hiding spot?

Elf on a shelfCongratulations on putting up with new & improved Elf all the way through this email!
Now for my next challenge.
Coming up with more ways that add ease to speech fun and games.
You and your child are so worthy of this challenge:)