Introducing Speech Party

me with monkey puppetHello from “Speech” Keri,

Ready for something new, fun, affordable and convenient for parents & caregivers who are practicing speech-language skills with a child?

I’ve created a new business that offers fun, online training videos for interactive practice, and related coloring activities. There shall also be supportive services for parents & caregivers who are practicing speech with a child. These children may be working with another speech-language pathologist.

Here’s a quick summary that introduces my role and what Speech Party offers. Speech Party provides fun, online activities so that practice is enjoyable, convenient, affordable and easy to do.I recorded training videos to enhance speech-language skills by showing basic practice techniques through play using irresistibly fun activities. There is also a community who will support parents as they experience frustrations or time constraints, and have questions about speech practice.

Speech Party’s services complement speech-language pathology services. Children practice the same skills that either are or were recently targeted during therapy sessions with their SLP. I want families to maximize their child’s SLP services by practicing regularly with their child. Speech-language practice is difficult for a lot of families to consistently do, to prioritize and to fit into their busy days.

Although I am a certified speech-language pathologist and also run a part-time private practice, I won’t be offering speech-language pathology services through Speech Party as I don’t personally know the children or their background history.

If you ever have any questions about my role or my Speech Party products and membership services, always know that you are welcome to contact me via email or a message on my website..


Keri Vandongen, R.SLP, S-LP(c)