Are You Following Your Child’s Lead?

During a speech therapy session, a little boy named Tyler* once asked me a very wise question.

While taking turns talking and playing with some toy vehicles, I was challenged on the spot by Tyler. He turned to me with a bewildered look on his face and said…

“How is this FUN?!”

I think I had a blank look on my face for a moment. But then – The challenge was on!

I started to hide some pictures around my home office for him to find and name. Tyler raced to keep up with my pace; picking up and naming the pictures as fast as I could hide them.

We both began to laugh, hysterically. (So much fun!)

iStock 000006348814SmallTyler delighted in watching where I hid each picture and quickly retrieving it.

He had changed our game using his own creativity & spontaneity.

By following Tyler’s lead, I discovered our silly fun motivated him for loads of word practice. He stayed engaged in our fun, active game for a long time.

All I did was follow Tyler’s “creative, spontaneous lead” to change our game into something far more exciting, silly & fun, and it motivated his speech practice.

When you Follow your Child’s Lead… you Discover Fun & Motivation for your child to talk with you and practice speech-language skills.

I had tons of fun during our creative, spontaneous, silly speech session. It was much easier for Tyler to learn new skills and practice his speech with me once he was having tons of fun.

I’m passing along Tyler’s inspiring challenge for you.

Your Take-away…. Get creative! How can you add even more fun into your practice sessions? It makes a huge difference in your child’s enthusiasm and speed of learning.

To your Success with Creating Speech-Language Fun for Kids,

“Speech” Keri

*Disclaimer: Tyler’s name & photo has been changed to protect his identity.