Are You being too Serious with Your Child?

wild and fun boyI’ll never forget my first improv acting class.

Picture this: A group of nervous and somber adults, standing in a circle while playing silly acting games, and breaking out into fits of laughter. (It’s amazing how as adults we forget how to PLAY!)

As a speech language pathologist I get to play all the time and laugh with kids while helping them with their speech-language skills.

But I do see a lot of VERY SERIOUS parents. After my class, I thought…

Hey, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could get my kids’ parents to laugh and play with their child at home while also practicing speech-language skills.

Initially most kids are a little afraid, insecure and reluctant to do speech practice. The best way around that?


Are You Being Too Serious With Your Child?

Remember this rule:

Kids work for fun. They work even harder, the more fun they have. These are FABULOUS TOYS that add fun into home speech practice:

  • Bubbles – Use bubbles as a reward after your child says his/her practice words.
  • Puppets – Puppets are a great way to get your child to say his/her speech targets 5 to 10 times.
  • Beanbags – It’s easier for kids to catch a beanbag than a ball. -Toss a beanbag behind you or “swoosh” it across a kitchen floor.
  • Play dough– Kids love squeezing, pulling it apart and rolling this versatile toy. (Kids also love when you do it too!)

Make Sure You Dive Into Some Play Today!

Kids must first experience fun before they will practice, aka “work”.

Their slogan could be “Show me the FUN!”

It is always more fun for a child when adults join in too and play with toys and games. (Plus it absolutely helps to speed up success for your child too!)

Here’s your take-away… I’d encourage you to keep a collection of your child’s favorite toys handy for when you entice them to practice speech with you. Try one of my examples above.

Collaborating together for kids’ speech and communication success,

“Speech” Keri