3 Ways To Create Your Child’s Speech Success Map

treasure mapDaniel’s mother, Nina, raced up to me after kindergarten and shared her concern in-between gasps of air.

“Keri! Our first team meeting is only 2 days away. I’ll be hearing about test results, goals & strategies for Daniel from you plus 3 other professionals. I’m so anxious about it!”


Hearing all of our info and recommendations all at once was going to blow away Nina’s mind.

I could sense the panic in her eyes. She’d never been to a team meeting before with a group of school professionals all focused on Daniel. (Perhaps you’ve experienced this with your child’s team.)

I gave her a big smile and said…

“Nina – you don’t need to worry. We’ll help you create a success map for Daniel

Let’s meet in the playground, where we can sit on a bench while Daniel plays nearby.”

First, I attempted to draw… 5 minutes later, we were outside in the glorious fall weather, and Nina was laughing at my simplistic drawings. I drew a bike with Daniel on it and the map he needed to go to many different places.

Daniel’s Speech Success Plan Looked Like This:  
  • Each place was a long-term goal for Daniel. Of course, he would stop along his way to each of these destinations.
  • This meant he had reached a short-term goal. Time to celebrate and take a break!!
  • For each trip, Daniel would pack cool items – these are the strategies from the professionals.
  • He would need help to ride through obstacles and to pass over challenging terrain – this much-needed help are the classroom accommodations.

Then, came Nina’s turn to chart Daniel’s map…  

I passed the pad of paper over to Nina and had her draw a flow chart and title it:

Daniel’s 3- Step Educational Plan

Nina drew several boxes along the top of a page. She then drew two more rows of boxes below each box. At the meeting, Nina would fill in all 3 rows of boxes.

  1. She would write in where Daniel is at for each skill level, in the top row.
  2. Inside the middle row boxes would be written where Daniel would reach his first stops or first short-term goals.
  3. The bottom row would have the final destination for each skill or long-term goal that Daniel would aim for this school year.

Nina was thrilled to know where Daniel was projected to grow with his skills!

I saw the worry leave her eyes and her sparkle came back. And she definitely felt better prepared for her meeting.

A Speech Success map gives you hope to know where your child will grow toward in their speech therapy.  

Here’s your take-away…Get your pencil and paper out, have a cup of tea and create your child’s plan (you’re going to feel so much better!)

To your Success with Creating Speech-Language Fun for Kids,
“Speech” Keri