Imagine if speech practice was fun for your child and easier to do together.

When you learn effective ways to practice speech with your child; practice will be fun and easier to do. Here’s the Best part… Your child will then ACCELERATE their speech therapy progress!

I’m inviting you to a Complimentary Communication Party where you and I shall each have a small role to help your child practice speech, effectively.
Here are your Party Prizes:

  • A 3-page Handout describing 5 Top Tips for adding Fun and Ease to Communication Turns with your child.
  • A 10-minute Interactive Video where I’ll role-play being your child’s speech practice partner while you both join in and practice using 1, 2 or all 5 top tips together.
  • A 1-page Speech Coloring Activity for even more practice fun. You and your child can take communication turns about the speech video.

Click on this link: and Look for your Communication Party Invitation. Add your email so you and I can join in for Speech FUN with your child!

Your take-away gift is ACCELERATING your Child’s Speech Progress.

Thank you for reading!!