Create Something Exciting!

Pouring Milk 212x300

Let’s Create Something Exciting, like Funky, Colored Toast and Talk about our Creation.

  • Make “milk paint” using a tiny amount of milk and a few drops of food coloring.
    • Substitute beet juice for a healthier, brightly colored option.
    • Talk about how the milk changes color as you add more colored drops.
  • Paint funny faces, letters or pictures onto the bread.
    • Ask & answer questions about your creativity.
  • Toast the bread and watch the vibrant color(s) appear.
    • Talk about how bread changes into toast. It changes color and gets hard & crunchy.
  • Spread butter, margarine, honey or light colored jam onto the toast or leave it plain.

Show-off your creation in a photo with a cute message. “Wow, it’s magic!”