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About Speech Party

I’m Keri Vandongen, aka “Speech Keri”. You’ll find out more about my 20-year history as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) near the bottom of this page. *I use “speech” throughout this website as short for speech-language and communication skills.

How Speech Party focuses on Speech Help or Practice…

Through Speech Party, I’m an SLP first who helps and supports parents learn the best ways to help or practice speech with kids. I also create videos and colouring activities, plus I share blogs and activities with tips to help with effective speech help or practice.
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What Speech Party Offers You:

  • Speech-language videos as a fun and effective way to help or practice speech with your child.
  • A supportive community of other parents who want to collaborate plus motivate members with speech practice efforts.
  • Connection with me as an experienced SLP who takes the time to listen and learn about what’s important for you and your child’s needs.
  • Trust for you as well as other professionals that as an ethical SLP, I understand how I can help and support parents with speech help or practice.
  • I will refer parents for SLP services for current recommendations for what speech skills are appropriate for a child to practice, as well as to find out the effective and simple ways for how to help their child’s speech.
I always welcome questions and feedback from you or your child’s SLP at